2023 Professional and Personal Bests of Green Room Team Members

As the new year begins, we are reflecting on our Green Room team who work hard every day to provide excellent client support. Throughout 2023 our team has also experienced many personal wins. To celebrate the team’s excellence, we are sharing some of our team’s professional and personal bests of 2023!

Julie Dannevig, Assistant Account Executive

In 2023, I graduated college in the spring! Between transferring schools and navigating college during the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn’t have a traditional experience but I’m so grateful for where I ended up. Post graduation, I joined Green Room as a fellow (my first job post-grad) and I’ve learned and grown so much in my position over the past 5 months!

Julie DeVoti, Account Executive

This year at Green Room, I learned how to organize media interviews, from outreach to scheduling, to follow-ups with media contacts. In my spare time, I was able to read more books and discover new authors I enjoy in historical fiction and mystery genres.

Esha Estrada, Senior Vice President, Client Navigation

After supporting a client for 4 years, I had the opportunity to take the partnership to the next level by starting a 6-month in-house solutions role.

I also had a personal best of seeing my 4-year-old overcome significant speech delays to become much more verbal, social and really thrive in school.

Hannah Hoffman, Account Executive

I had the opportunity to work on three different FDA approvals this year, which was exciting. I was also promoted to Account Executive! In August, I adopted a kitten from the shelter.

Amber Kelly, Senior Account Supervisor

My professional best of 2023 was receiving my promotion to Senior Account Supervisor this year, as well as contributing to the growth of and providing mentorship to other team members across Green Room. On a personal note, I (unexpectedly!) got engaged in Italy back in March.

Allison Pishko, Senior Vice President, Head Internal Communications and Culture

After 10 years working with a client, I began working on part of the business I had never touched before and helped the team become more strategic and purposeful in their communications. My family celebrated two milestones this year as my daughter, Sarah, graduated from the College of Charleston in May and my daughter, Anna, got married in October!

Julianna Vannucci, Vice President, Client Navigation

In 2023, I got to be a part of developing logos and branding for a Phase 1 clinical trial and provided overarching communications support for emerging biotechs. I also, purchased a Kindle which led to the rediscovery of my love of reading!

At Green Room we promote a work-life balance to allow our team to flourish both professionally and personally. We are thankful for our team and look forward to seeing what we accomplish in 2024!