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2024 Community Pioneer Award for Supporting Women with Cancer from Mary's Place by the Sea

PARSIPPANY, N.J., March 21, 2024 — Green Room Communications, a New Jersey-based specialty healthcare communications agency, has been awarded the 2024 Community Pioneer Award from Mary’s Place by the Sea, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women with cancer and providing them a place to heal: mind, body and soul. This award honors organizations whose work has been integral to the holistic wellness of their guests and to improving the lives of women with cancer. Green Room Communications will officially accept the award tonight at Mary’s Place by the Sea’s 15-year Anniversary Bash at the Park Loft in Oceanport, NJ.

“We are honored and humbled to be named a Community Pioneer by Mary’s Place by the Sea,” said Deborah Fowler, Managing Partner of Green Room Communications. “Having witnessed first-hand the serenity and support my mother received as a guest at this sanctuary, this recognition deepens our commitment to supporting such a meaningful cause in partnership with an organization that has cared for more than 15-thousand women over the past 15 years.”

Green Room Communications has stood by Mary’s Place by the Sea since its inception in 2009, helping the nonprofit to grow and share its message with the community. Karen Carolonza, Managing Partner of Green Room Communications, served on its Board of Trustees from 2015 to 2019.

“Our collaboration with Mary’s Place by the Sea is a testament to our aligned visions of fostering women’s health and empowerment,” Carolonza said. “It’s a privilege to work with an organization that closely shares our goals of making a tangible difference in the lives of women and their families facing serious health challenges.”

As a leader in the healthcare PR industry, communicating advances in oncology care has been a fundamental part of Green Room Communications’ mission. Green Room Communications strives to improve health outcomes for these populations by providing the organizations that serve them with corporate and internal communications assistance, tailored advocacy strategies, media relations services and more.


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