About Us

About Us


In broadcast, the green room is the holding room where guests wait before going on set. They are fully prepared: key messages, hair/makeup/wardrobe, ready to shine.

In surfing, the green room is the term for inside the barrel of a wave. A zen-like experience where timing, balance and flow align.

In healthcare, Green Room is a communications agency founded by journalists that captures the essence of both of these definitions. Our goal is to get you to the green room, ensuring you are prepared for whatever wave comes your way. Our nimble model, rooted in deep healthcare expertise, allows us to scale with ease from the biggest of waves or the smallest ripples.

Deep expertise. Nimble teams. Smart people.
We are Green Room.

A winning

The only constant in the healthcare industry is change. A team of generalists only gets you so far, and many times you end up paying for the time it takes to bring your agency up to speed. It’s time for a new approach. At Green Room, experts drive strategy complemented by seasoned teams who execute beyond expectations.

In This

At Green Room, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) are embedded into who we are as a team. Our DEI&B mindset helps us foster an environment where team members feel valued and respected for their diverse viewpoints, and we bring these unique perspectives to client work. This fuels how we show up for each other and our clients on a daily basis.

Meet the Team


Strong leaders are at the helm on every piece of business. At Green Room, generalists are the minority. Instead, seasoned veterans are hands-on, working as part of your team. While our work ethic is strong, we also like to have fun, too. Meet our senior leaders.


Our leadership is supported by a deep bench of employees and consultants.

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