Creative Design

Where left brain and right brain intersect, Green Room Creative convenes a team of collaborative designers and developers that transform ideas into compelling creative that delivers impact.

From concept to completion, we thrive on bringing your vision to life in ways you can (or can’t) imagine.

Media Relations

Green Room was founded by two journalists who understand the mindset of reporters and the content they need to inform, educate, inspire and drive action.

In today’s world of information overload, an incisive strategy cuts through the noise using the right channels to get noticed.

Timing, positioning and a deep understanding of the various channels for your message is key, and Green Room excels at delivering all three.


2024 Community Pioneer Award for Supporting Women with Cancer from Mary's Place by the Sea

PARSIPPANY, N.J., March 21, 2024 — Green Room Communications, a New Jersey-based specialty healthcare communications agency, has been awarded the 2024 Community Pioneer Award from Mary’s Place by the Sea, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women with cancer and providing them a place to heal: mind, body and soul. This award honors organizations whose work has been integral to the holistic wellness of their guests and to improving the lives of women with cancer. Green Room Communications will officially accept the award tonight at Mary’s Place by the Sea’s 15-year Anniversary Bash at the Park Loft in Oceanport, NJ.

“We are honored and humbled to be named a Community Pioneer by Mary’s Place by the Sea,” said Deborah Fowler, Managing Partner of Green Room Communications. “Having witnessed first-hand the serenity and support my mother received as a guest at this sanctuary, this recognition deepens our commitment to supporting such a meaningful cause in partnership with an organization that has cared for more than 15-thousand women over the past 15 years.”

Green Room Communications has stood by Mary’s Place by the Sea since its inception in 2009, helping the nonprofit to grow and share its message with the community. Karen Carolonza, Managing Partner of Green Room Communications, served on its Board of Trustees from 2015 to 2019.

“Our collaboration with Mary’s Place by the Sea is a testament to our aligned visions of fostering women’s health and empowerment,” Carolonza said. “It’s a privilege to work with an organization that closely shares our goals of making a tangible difference in the lives of women and their families facing serious health challenges.”

As a leader in the healthcare PR industry, communicating advances in oncology care has been a fundamental part of Green Room Communications’ mission. Green Room Communications strives to improve health outcomes for these populations by providing the organizations that serve them with corporate and internal communications assistance, tailored advocacy strategies, media relations services and more.


Green Room Communications

Amanda Meglio-Dougherty


Digital & Social Media

Green Room’s digital practice is based on human-centered design principles. We put real people at the center of our strategic process, enabling us to create intuitive, accessible programs for all.

Honed by decades of working across healthcare in some of the most regulated environments, we have developed proprietary digital offerings that allow us to stay innovative, no matter the climate.

PALETTE, our proprietary content process, ensures thumb-stopping content every time.

SWAY, our proprietary influence program, yields the lowest risk, highest gain influencer engagement in healthcare and executive influence, too.


Engaged employees are your greatest ambassadors.

From connecting a remote workforce to planning your next town hall, purpose-driven meetings are critical.

The Green Room team has the innate ability to meet people where they are and knows how to motivate employees and inspire action.


Intrigued? Here are some insights and success stories worth looking at. Or chat with us live to learn more.

Patient & Professional Advocacy

Our unparalleled expertise in advocacy is rooted in personal and professional experience.

From working with a well-established patient group to trying to communicate with a community lacking a formal organization, Green Room has the experience to align and activate.

A profound understanding of how patient insights can shape internal strategies and inform actions is a key differentiator for the agency.

Our Expertise On Patient & Professional Advocacy

Intrigued? Here are some insights and success stories worth looking at. Or chat with us live to learn more.

Consumer Healthcare

Every stakeholder is a consumer. Green Room’s expertise in consumer healthcare intercepts audiences where they are and makes them take notice. Working together, insight-driven ownable space is discovered, forging a new level of engagement. Distilling complex science, managing reputation, bolstering advocacy and complementing public affairs efforts, this approach reaches the consumer through mainstream channels.

Our integrated approach of media, social and digital channels married with consumer strategy showcases thought leadership, supports product positioning and creates advocacy alliances.

Corporate Communications & Issues Management

Strong reputation management and telling your organization’s full story is critical for any company. Well-thought out communications and issues management plans can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to leading through a crisis or building and growing credibility with key audiences.

Biotech & Startups

There are no small fish at Green Room. The Green Room model was created to provide early-stage companies with the same high-touch service as global pharmaceutical companies.

The ability to orchestrate the construction of a narrative around novel treatments, innovative approaches, thought leadership and IR coordination, all while underscoring patient care to stakeholders, isn’t easy.

Green Room delivers end-to-end support to drive reputation and engagement with audiences that matter.

Product Communications

Not every communicator has deep product experience. And we’re not just talking about general product communications strategy but expertise rooted in relevant therapeutic areas, innovative science and media relationships.

Green Room builds teams to hone poignant messages, amplify regulatory milestones, magnify discernable thought leadership and more.